Monday, May 19, 2008


Some wing details

A few wing detail pictures appear to be in order.

First of all my OFPSS (optical flap position sensor system). This gives me repeatability as to where I set the flaps. Cost and weight? Nothing. Why would I want more?

I am somewhat amused by the need for electronics to achieve this. Perhaps some builders like the opportunity to increase the possibility for a fault, spending more money or increasing weight?

I think this is a normal approach to the installation of the magnetometer, though I took a few attempts before I built it in this obvious way.

Obtaining a good distance between the transponder and radio antenna can be problematic. The radio aerial is almost under the pilots stick, but the transponder is here, just in front of the rear spar in the gap between the fuselage and wing structure. Should I need access to it I will just have to remove the wing/fuse intersection fairing.


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