Monday, May 29, 2006


Wings - fuel pick-ups

VANS issued SB 06-2-23, concerning the fuel pickups, just in time from my viewpoint, since work on the pickups had not started. Here in the UK building is controlled by the PFA and they were not concerned about strict adherence to the VANS methodology, though did want builders to be confident their tanks did not have a problem. Since at that stage I did not yet have a digital camera I had a friend take some pictures so that if ever in doubt, I could look back and say "yes they wont come undone". As you can see, I used Proseal. Well it holds everything else together so why not this?

This shows the right tank pickup.

The left tank pickup is a flop tube. In fact I am not building G-IKON for inverted flight, but it is one of those future proofing issues...just in case.

The final picture shows how the vent tube and capacitance signal line is terminated inside the tank.

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